Buyer Policy

​Last updated August, 2020

KGP as Payment Processing Service Provider

The Buyer acknowledges that KASIKORN GLOBAL PAYMENT COMPANY LIMITED (“KGP”) is acting as a provider of payment processing for goods/services only. In case of any problems encountered by the Buyer in respect of the use of such goods/services, the Buyer shall contact the related merchant directly and shall not require KGP to be jointly responsible for the problems.

Requirements related to Refunds for Goods/Services

  • The Buyer agrees that, in case that the Buyer desires a refund for goods/services, the Buyer shall contact the related merchant directly.
  • In case of goods/services payment being subject to the Facebook Purchase Protection Policy:

The Buyer may refuse and request a refund for goods/services in accordance with the rules established by Facebook. The Buyer shall receive the refund via the channels set up by KGP per the following periods:

Payment Tools
Credit/debit cards Funds transfers
(VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB) KBank Other commercial banks/other institutions
T+30 T+1 T+1

If the Buyer does not receive the refunds per the above-stated periods, the Buyer may contact KGP at its Contact Center, Tel. 02-008-8820, during KGP’s business hours.

In case of any problems or disputes between the Buyer and merchants concerning requests for refunds under the Purchase Protection Policy, and the Buyer and merchants cannot settle the problems or disputes, Facebook shall consider settling such problems or disputes. Facebook’s discretion that is not in contradiction of related laws and regulations shall be deemed final.

Disclose Data

The Buyer consents to KGP disclosing, to any relevant parties, any of the Buyer’s data as necessary for conducting transactions, so that such transactions can be completed.