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What is PayDii?

PayDii is the online payment service made available on Facebook. It allows Facebook merchants to request and accept payments from customers directly through the Page Messenger Inbox.

The customers can make the payments to the merchants by credit, debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and JCB), or money transfer via mobile banking applications directly without having to switch to other application.

Who should use PayDii?

It is suitable for those who sell products or services online via a “Facebook Page”.

What type of Facebook Page is eligible to register for PayDii on Facebook?

Facebook Page with shop section with the Thai baht as its currency, and conduct business legally. Both individual person and juristic person (registered company) are eligible to register and use the service.

Could SMEs (registered companies) or large organizations sign up for PayDii on Facebook?


What are the benefits of PayDii on Facebook?

It helps merchants to manage orders easily, conveniently, and more efficiently. The merchant does not have to provide a bank account to a customer for the payment. The merchant easily types the payment amount that wants to request from the customer into Page Messenger Inbox, and the customer can click to make payment accordingly in the chat box. Then, the system will update the payment status to the merchant automatically.

Please find the benefits HERE

Is PayDii reliable and secure?

It is very secure because all transactions are encrypted and protected by the PCI DSS security standard.

How can I disable my PayDii account on Facebook?

Log-in to your Facebook Page (via PC/Notebook only) > click “Manage Shop” > click “Payment Settings” > click “Disable Payment” 

Individual Person

How to set up PayDii on Facebook?

You can sign up for PayDii from your Facebook Page. Click here for the application process.

Important note:

  • Only the “page admin” can sign up for the service
  • If you want to check whether you are the page admin, go to your Facebook Page > Settings > Edit Page Roles
  • Please ensure that the personal information of the applicant must match with
    (1) the personal information appears on your Thai National ID card you will be uploading
    (2) the name and last name of banking account that will be linked on the final step of the application

Remark: The personal information of the applicants will be used to confirm personal identity to increase security for your account.

Can I set up PayDii and start requesting and accepting money immediately?

Yes. You can start requesting and accepting the payments from customers as soon as the setup is completed. However, if you have trouble on setting up, please contact the call center at 02-008-8820 (24/7 support)

How to upload the photo of the Thai National ID card?

Please find below how to upload (when sign up on PC/Notebook) or shoot the photo (when sign up on mobile) of your Thai National ID Card

  • You must upload or shoot the photo of “the front” of your ID card only
  • All the information is visible and the photo is clear
  • The size of photo fits to the screen, not too small, not blur, and not put the black color or highlight over any information on the card

Remark: This information is used to confirm your identity to increase for your account.

Juristic Person

What’s the difference between registration as a Juristic Person and as an individual?

There’s no difference in terms of usage, function, and conditions. Only the sign up process is different. If you want to sign up as a juristic person, please follow the process specified HERE. If you have any question, please contact call center at 02-0088820.

If I already registered as an individual, how do I register as Juristic Person?

Please contact call center at 02-0088820

How to sign up for PayDii as juristic person? Can I use the service instantly after signed up?

Please follow the sign up process specified HERE. You can start accepting payments when you get the approval result via Facebook Notification (within 7-12 days after submitting the documents).

Do I need to have Juristic Bank’s account with Kasikorn Bank?

Merchant must have Juristic Bank’s account with Kasikorn Bank. However, merchant can use any bank’s Jusristic account to receive payouts from KGP.

In case the Juristic Person doesn’t have Juristic Bank’s account with Kasikorn Bank, such Juristic Person must open Juristic Bank’s account with Kasikorn Bank before registration. For more details, please visit.

How do I submit documents?

Once you receive “Confirming Document” from info.kgp@kasikornglobalpayment.com, please have the authorized director(s) or the person who is authorized to act on behalf of the company submit all the documents at any branch of KBank listed below.

  • Central Bangna, Bangkok
  • Central World, Bangkok
  • Central Festival East Ville, Bangkok
  • Central Rama 2, Bangkok
  • Phahon Yothin, Bangkok
  • Ratchadamri (Oppose the Superrich Thailand Ratchadamri)
  • Lat Phrao 25, Bangkok
  • Shannon Rama 2 (Soi Praramsong 63), Bangkok
  • BangphiI (Near Chularat 1 Hospital) Samutprakarn
  • Central Plaza WestGate, Nonthaburi
  • Big-C Bang Yai, Nonthaburi
  • Central Plaza Khon Kaen, Khon Kaen
  • Lotus Pattaya Tai, Chonburi
  • Thapae Road Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai
  • Lotus Phuket (Sam-Kong), Phuket

When will I know the application result?

After you submit the required documents, you’ll receive a Facebook notification within 7-12 business days about the status of your application.

What are the service fees for PayDii on Facebook?

For merchants (sellers):

  • There are no sign up fees or monthly fees for the service
  • There are no fees for the money transfer services
  • There is a merchant discount rate fee (MDR) of 2.5% (excluding VAT) per transaction for payments via credit and debit cards

Example of MDR fee and Vat calculation:

With payment amount 100 THB, we will charge the MDR at 2.5% which is 2.50 THB. Then, will calculate the 7% of VAT on the fee (2.50 THB x 7% = 0.175 THB, so the total charge would be 2.50 THB + 0.175 = 2.675 THB)

If the merchant wants to request for the Tax-Invoice, please contact call center at 02-008-8820. KGP will send the Tax-Invoice to the address given in PayDii account.

For customers (buyers):
No any fees for buyers.

How many payment methods are available, and in what currency can merchants accept payments?

There are 2 payment methods

  • Credit and debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, and JCB)
  • Money transfers through the mobile banking applications of Kasikorn Bank,Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, and Bank of Ayudhya.

The currency is Thai Baht.

When a customer made a payment to a merchant via PayDii (whether by bank transfer, credit or debit card), can the merchant get the payouts to the linked bank account instantly?

No, the payouts will be transferred to the merchant’s linked bank account the next day (T+1).

Please see the cut off time here.

How many bank accounts can be linked?

Only one bank account can be linked to a merchant

When does a merchant receive the payouts?

Whether the payments are made by bank transfer, a credit card or a debit card, settled transactions are cut-off daily at 9PM and payouts will be transferred to your linked bank account within the next day (T+1), not except weekends and public holidays. Your bank statement is shown in one single sum.

For example, if a customer makes a payment to you on Monday before 9PM, you can expect to receive the payouts by Tuesday. If the transaction is completed after 9PM, you can expect to receive the payouts by Wednesday.

Is there a maximum limit per transaction?

The default maximum amount allowed for a single transaction = 20,000 THB. The default maximum amount for a month = an individual merchant can accept 300,000 THB. per month per one PayDii account.

Note: One PayDii account can manage 10 Facebook Pages, If you want to increase the limit, please contact call center at 02-0088820.

Can I request to increase the amounts of maximum transaction limit and maximum monthly limit?

Yes. Please contact call center at 02-0088820 to request.

How can I contact KGP when I need any assistance?

  1. Call Center: Tel. 02-008-8820 (24/7)
  2. Chat on KGP Facebook Page: Here
  3. Email for customer support: customerservice@kasikornglobalpayment.com

If a customer have a dispute concerning the payments made via PayDii on Facebook, e.g., not receiving the goods, not satisfied with the product, or purchasing the wrong item, can the customer get a refund?

PayDii is only the online payment solution available on Facebook. For disputes, please contact the seller directly.

Can the merchant request for the Tax-Invoice?

Yes. You can contact call center at 02-008-8820 to request for Tax-Invoice (MDR fee). We will send the Tax-Invoice to the address given in your PayDii account.